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  • Product November 12, 2014

    All Stainless Steel Vacuum Ejector ZH-X267

    ZH-X267_2Introducing SMC Latest All Stainless Steel Vacuum Ejector ZH-X267

    All stainless steel (SCS13: Equivalent to stainless steel 304)

    • Sealant not required

    • Maximum operating temperature: 260°C

    • Grease-free

    Application Examples

    Application-p2_n Application-p1_n

    • Adsorption of wet workpieces

    • Mixing 2 types of inert gas

    • An environment where it is exposed to water

     Product details


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  • Smart Tips November 12, 2014

    The advantages of using ISO Cylinders?

    ISO-Cylinder_1 • ISO cylinders are designed to meet with international standard laid down by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
    The mounting sizes are applicable worldwide.

    • Ease of maintenance. Interchangeable with cylinder manufacture overseas.
    • Replaceable seal. Cost saving by replacing seal instead of replacing cylinder.
    • Prompt delivery.


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  • News November 12, 2014

    Thank you For Making SMC Exhibition in MSE 2014 A Success

    SMC would like to sincerely thank all who have come to visit us during the Manufacturing SolutionsMSE-Thank-you
    Expo MSE 2014 which took place at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore on 8th – 10th October. We are sure you
    have a wonderful experience with us.

    The introduction of SMC latest products and technologies, and energy saving solutions impressed many industry professionals who visited our
    booth. The innovative exhibits such as Pick and Place Automation System,Welcoming Message Whiteboard driven by Electric Actuator, Power Saving Process Valve, etc attracted continuous traffic.

    Furthermore, our fun and interactive activities such as fishing game driven by our pneumatic products, photo taking with fun placard and mascot, lucky draw to win attractive prizes proved to be as exceptionally appealing for all visitors.

    Once again, thank you. We hope to see you again in our next exhibition. .

     New Japanese Staff Support To Serve You Better 

    SMC is pleased to announce that we have strengthened our Japanese staff support to further improve our customer services and relations. 
    They will be supporting our sales to ensure smooth communication with Japanese customers.                
    Let’s welcome Mr Ichikawa who joined SMC Vietnam and Mr Mochizuki Hirohisa who joined SMC Philippines.
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  •  Leisure November 12, 2014

    Did You Know A Computer User Blinks Only 7 Times A Minute On Average?

    Feeling that computer eye strain again? It’s probably because you’re not blinking enough.Leisure_1

    A person normally blinks around 20 times per minute and this is sufficient for the eye to be replenished with
    tears containing oxygen, whilst at the same time getting rid of unwanted debris.

    However when we are surfing away on our computers, we tend to blink a lot less, around 7 times which is more than
    half the average! It happens because we’re concentrating so much on the screen we don’t want to close our eyes.
    No wonder they start stinging!


    Picture and Info Source:  
    “Eye” photo. 10 Mar 2013. 1 Nov 2014. 
    < >


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  •  製品 November 12, 2014

    オールステンレス 真空エジェクター ZH-X267

    最新のオールステンレス真空エジェクターのご案内 ZH-X267ZH-X267_2

    • オールステンレス (SCS13:ステンレス304相当)
    •  シーラントではありません
    • 最高使用温度 260℃
    • グ リースフリー

    アプリケーション サンプル



    • ウエットエリア使用可
    • 不活性ガスの2種類を混合
    • 水にさらされている環境


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  • 秘訣   November 12, 2014

    ISOシリンダー 有効性

    ISO-Cylinder_1• ISOシリンダーはグローバルに採用されていますシリンダーです 取り付けサイズは、全世界で適用されます





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  • ニュース November 12, 2014

    SMC2014年MSE SMC展示会は好評にて終了しました。MSE-Thank-you

    10月8日~10日にサンテックコンベンション&エキシビションセンター(シンガポール)で行いました展示会にご参加された方々へ 心より御礼を申し上げます

    SMC新製品、技術、そして省エネ·ソリューションについてご案内をさせて頂きました。電動アクチュエータ、省電力·プロセス·バルブでの デモンストレーションにおいてもご興味を持ってご覧頂けた事を大変感謝致します。によって駆動メッセージ さらに、

    私たちの空気圧製品 によって駆動釣りゲーム、楽しいプラカードやマスコット、魅力的な賞品を獲得するための抽選に取って写真のように私たちと楽しい





    SMCベトナム 担当:市川 . SMCフィリピン 担当 望月


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  • 休暇 November 12, 2014

    Leisure_1コンピューターでの作業時にあなたは平均7回/毎分 瞬きをしております ご存知ですか?

    Picture and Info Source:
      “Eye” photo. 10 Mar 2013. 1 Nov 2014.
      < > 
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About SMC Corporation Middle East FZE

SMC Corporation Middle East FZE is the United Arab Emirates subsidiary of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic automation products manufacturer which was established in Japan and now has more than 50 years of experience. In 2014, SMC Corporation Middle East FZE is established affirming our leading role in pneumatics control equipment & devices as well bringing best services to customers.

While the subsidiary mainly assembles knockdown cylinders, SMC United Arab Emirates also offers a wide range of high quality advanced industrial pneumatic system technology products to meet applications in a myriad of sectors and fields of the market such as semiconductor, automotive, medical, and petrochemical, just to name a few. Products offered here range from actuators like electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and etc, to valves like solenoid valve, pneumatic valve and 2 port valve; from thermo equipment like refrigerated thermo chiller and temperature control equipment, to a variety of electrostatic removal, air dryer and process gas equipment .

Striving to maintain high standards not only in products but also in customer service, SMC United Arab Emirates is equipped with a well-stocked warehouse ensures quick delivery, as well as maintaining high levels of technical services and solid communication network to consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.