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  • Product October 10, 2014

    Ion Box Series ZVB

    iron-box-for-esharingIntroducing SMC ion box series ZVB that consolidating three functions into one unit to provide convenient and innovative solution for static electricity removal, dust removal and dust collection. It is applicable for PC boards, liquid crystal components, resin molded parts, glass and electronic components assembly and packaging process.

    • Stable dust collecting performance

    • Space saving design

    • Automatically on/off controlled by photoelectric sensor

    Contact SMC for ZVB details.

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  • Smart Tips October 10, 2014

    What is the difference between the different Ionizer types?


     • Bar type - Suitable for electrostatic removal from a flat surface. By using compressed air,  electrostatic removal can be achieved from an increased distance from the workpiece.  
     • Nozzle type - Suitable  or partial electrostatic removal of a small workpiece or total  electrostatic removal in a small space. Also used to remove dust, with a high flow rate type
     • Fan type - Suitable for electrostatic removal in the atmosphere around workpieces. As the fan type  requires no air supply, it is suitable for use in a wide range of applications and locations
     • Gun type – A combined air gun and ionizer which is particularly suitable for removing dust adherence caused by static electricity. 
    SMC Ionizer
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  • News October 10, 2014

    Join us at MSE 2014, Manufacturing Solutions Expo

    SMC is participating in MSE 2014 Manufacturing Solutions Expo, the first and only exhibition in Singapore targeted atMSE-einvitation-picture-3
    manufacturing professionals, policy makers and business decision makers. The exhibition aims to showcase the latest innovative technologies and cost effective solutions for manufacturing companies to raise productivity.

    We cordially invite you to visit our booths to find out our new and innovative solutions for your applications. We will be
    showcasing our latest technologies and energy saving solutions. Our expert will be there to respond to your questions.

    Venue :Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre

    Hall 401-403
    Booth : E02 and F02
    Date & time: 8 to 9 October 2014 (10am to 6pm)

    10 October2014 (10am to 5pm)

    We look forward to meet you there.


    Convenient and Easy to Use Customer Enquiry Portal

    CEP-login-pageWe welcome your registration for Customer Enquiry Portal (CEP) As a CEP user, you will benefit from fast easy

    • Stock status checking

    • Request for quotation

    • Delivery status checking

    Customer Enquiry Portal is exclusively designed for all our valued customers to have the best available and accurate information at anytime and anywhere.

    Log in to register now.

    It is our pleasure to have you with us.


    Join us at PSDC, Energy Saving Seminar(SMC Malaysia_Penang Branch)

    Plant-air-Consumption-reduced-1Energy saving solutions to help you save cost…

    How much air do you think is being wasted in compressed air systems?

    SMC experts have developed some of the most innovative ranges of energy saving products and activities for
    compressed air systems which will help you save money as well as helping in the fight to protect our environment.

    Venue : PSDC Penang (Penang Skills Development Centre)

    Date : 29 October 2014

    Time : 9.30am to 4.30pm


    Free Compressed Air Dryness Check

    ppl ruster-spool-valve corroded-regulator water-dropts

    Are you aware that moisture in compressed air system will cause damage to the equipment and lead to production downtime? It is necessary to gauge the air dryness in order to apply the appropriate type of air treatment, especially for moisture sensitive processes such as spray painting, medical & pharmaceutical processes, food packaging etc.

    SMC is pleased to offer you FREE Compressed Air Dryness Check. Our team is able to determine the dryness of the compressed air using our specially developed dew point tester.

    Contact SMC Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines now. We sincerely look forward to serving you.

    HAS-200. Realistic Learning for Superior Manufacturing Skill

    HAS200The HAS 200 is an 11-station trainer that precisely simulates the major parts of the Automation Pyramid, from Sensors through Manufacturing Execution Systems.

    No other training system matches its flexibility. HAS-200 can be used to prepare learners for automated manufacturing in virtually any industry
    from semiconductor manufacturing to food processing.

    Using the HAS-200 and the expert teaching materials uniquely designed to support it, faculty trainers can provide manufacturing students – and
    working technicians – with realistic practice in operating and troubleshooting a complex manufacturing system.

    The HAS-200 immerses the learner in a real – time, hands-on experience that no classroom instruction or computer simulation can hope to match.

    Contact SMC Malaysia now. We sincerely look forward to working with you.

    Click here to view some details on HAS 200 training.

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  • Leisure October 10, 2014

    Did You Know A Search Session On Google And Boiling A Kettle Produce The Same Amount Of CO2?

    Google-250x225U.S physicist Alex Wissner-Gross claimed that one Google search produced 7g of CO2after he conducted some research on the search engine. That would mean 2 Google searches would produce the same amount of CO2 as a boiling kettle! However, Google did not agree and were of the opinion a search only yielded around 0.2g of CO2 as mentioned above.

    Either way, it’s now a lot clearer that a person’s carbon footprint is probably a lot larger that they thought. Even a Google search produces CO2,which of course contributes to global warming.

    So there you have it, you now know about the CO2 produced when searching on the internet.


    Picture and info source:

    “Google” photo. 16 Mar 2013. 1 Aug. 2014.

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  • 製品 October 10, 2014


    iron-box-for-esharing紹介しておりますSMCのZVBイオンボックスシリーズは、3機能を1ユニットに集約して、ごみ収集、ごみ除去、静電気除去の革新的な解決策、便利性を提供します。それは、PCBボード.樹脂成形部品、グラスと 電子部品組み立て、梱包プロセスに使用するこが出来ます。




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  • 秘訣 October 10, 2014







    • バータイプ-適しているのは平らな表面の静電気除去です。圧縮空気使用により、ワークピースよりの距離を伸ばすして静電気除去が可能です。

    • ノズルタイプ – 適しているのは、小さなワークピースの帯電パーティカル除去、小スペースの全体の静電気除去です。加えて、大流量タイプ使用でのごみ除去です。

    • ファンタイプ -適しているのは ワークピース周辺空気の静電気除去です。 ファンタイプはエアー供給を要求されませんので、多彩なアプリケーション、場所での使用に適しています。

    • ガンタイプ – エアーガンとイオナイザーの一体化のもので、特に静電気によってごみが付いた時の除去に適しています


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  • ニュース October 10, 2014


    MSE2014 Manufacturing Solutions ExpoにSMCは出展いたします。シンガポールで最初にしてMSE-einvitation-picture-3


    SMCがご提案する革新的なソリューションをご覧いただくべく、皆様に是非とも我々のブースを 訪れていただきたいと思います。 最新技術と省エネ提案について展示いたします。 皆様の質問に答えるためエキスパートがアテンドいたします。

    会場 : Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre

    Hall 401-403
    ブース : E02 and F02
    日時: 8 to 9 October 2014 (10am to 6pm)

    10 October2014 (10am to 5pm)


    便利で使いやすいカスタマーエンクアイリーポータル(Customer Enquiry Portal)CEP-login-page

    ようこそカスタマーインクアエリーポータル(CEP)登録へ!CEP ユーザーは、迅速で簡単な恩恵があります。

    • 在庫状況チェックが可能
    • 見積依頼が可能
    • 配送状況チェックが可能

    CEP はすべての大切なお客様がいつでもどこでも正確な情報を最良な状態で得る事が出来るよう専用設計されています。

    ログインして 今すぐ登録を!


    PSDCの省エネセミナーに是非お越し下さい (SMCマレーシア_ペナン 支店) Plant-air-Consumption-reduced-1

    省エネ解決策であなたの 費用削減の手助け



    べニュー : PSDC Penang (Penang Skills Development Centre)

    日時 :2014年10月 29日

    時間 : 9.30am より 4.30pm





    ppl ruster-spool-valvecorroded-regulatorwater-dropts



    エアー系統に湿気が含まれていると機器にダメージを与え、設備のチョコ停につながります。 とくに湿気に敏感な工程(塗装や医療機器、食品関連)では、エア清浄度が確保されているか、乾燥度合を確認することが必要です。

    SMCではエア乾燥度の無料診断を実施させていただいております。 特別に開発された湿度計を使って、スタッフが圧縮空気の乾燥度をチェックします。




    HAS-200. 優れた製造技術の為の現実的なトレーニングHAS200

    そのHAS-200は、11ステーションの指導者で ,Manufacturing Execution Systemsをかいしてセンサーから、正確な主要自動ピラミットの模擬訓練を行います。


    HAS 200の使用と専門家の教育教材は、それをサポートする為ユニークにデザインされています 能力のあるトレーナーは、製造学生、働いている技術者に現実的なオペレーション学習と複合製造システムトラブルシューティングを提供出来ます。



    ここをクリック してHAS-200詳細を確認

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  • レジャー October 10, 2014


    Google-250x225アメリカの分地理学者アレックスウインサーグロスは、彼がいくつかのリサーチをリサーチエンジンで行った後、1回のGOOGLEサーチで二酸化炭素 7グラム が発生すると主張した。それは、2回のGOOGLEサーチでやかんでお湯をわかすのと同じ量の二酸化炭素発生する事を意味しました。



    もちろん、二酸化炭素は世界温暖化に寄与します。 それで、現在あなたは、サーチインターネットをする時、二酸化炭素が発生すると知っています。

    Picture and info source:

    “Google” photo. 16 Mar 2013. 1 Aug. 2014.

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About SMC Corporation Middle East FZE

SMC Corporation Middle East FZE is the United Arab Emirates subsidiary of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic automation products manufacturer which was established in Japan and now has more than 50 years of experience. In 2014, SMC Corporation Middle East FZE is established affirming our leading role in pneumatics control equipment & devices as well bringing best services to customers.

While the subsidiary mainly assembles knockdown cylinders, SMC United Arab Emirates also offers a wide range of high quality advanced industrial pneumatic system technology products to meet applications in a myriad of sectors and fields of the market such as semiconductor, automotive, medical, and petrochemical, just to name a few. Products offered here range from actuators like electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and etc, to valves like solenoid valve, pneumatic valve and 2 port valve; from thermo equipment like refrigerated thermo chiller and temperature control equipment, to a variety of electrostatic removal, air dryer and process gas equipment .

Striving to maintain high standards not only in products but also in customer service, SMC United Arab Emirates is equipped with a well-stocked warehouse ensures quick delivery, as well as maintaining high levels of technical services and solid communication network to consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.