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  •  Product August 13, 2014

    Shock Absorber Series RJ and RB 

    Pneumatic cylinders are capable of very high speed and
    considerable shock and vibration can be developed at the end of the
    stroke. A cushioning effect is used at the near end (10-20mm) of the
    stroke to absorb the shock and prevent internal damage to the cylinder.

    SMC shock absorber guarantees outstanding cushioning
    performance. There are selectable models in accordance with impact mass,
    collision speed and different applications.

       Series RJ: High durability type for long-term continuous operation.


       Series RB: High energy absorption for heavy load operation.

    Shock absorber details

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  • Smart Tips   August 13, 2014

     Difference between air consumption and flow ratePF2A

    The difference between air consumption and flow rate can sometimes be confusing since both are specified using the same units.

    Air consumption is the amount of air used by a system during a given time period. Air flow rate is the rate at which the air is consumed. 

    For example, a system which takes 1s to operate and is at rest for the remaining 59s for every minute, and consumes 100 liters of  air per cycle:

    Air consumption  :100 L/min

    Air flow rate  :6000L/min

    Flow rate is an important factor when sizing the control system components required to power a cylinder at a given speed.

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  • News August 13, 2014

     Watch SMC product demo video online

    Energy saving videoAs the world leading expert in Pneumatics, SMC is dedicated to technology innovation by keep innovating product to its perfection.
    Besides, SMC is also committed to environmental responsibility by developing various energy saving solutions which will help in the fight to protect our environment as well as helping our customers to save money.Interested to find out more about SMC energy saving solutions and latest product technology?

    Click here  to view the product demo video online.

    First SMC Technology Show in Vietnam: Synergy In Automation

    The First Technology Show of SMC Vietnam with the theme of “SYNERGY IN AUTOMATION” will be held in August 22nd (Ho Chi Minh City) and August 29th (Ha Noi City).

    Join us to discuss the cutting-edge pneumatic technology with our experts and see our specially developed products for the Manufacturing Industry.

    Topics of The Technology Show are  VN-techshow-pc1as following:


    – SMC Energy Saving Ideas

    – SMC Electric Actuators

    – SMC Ionizer, Special & Others

    – About 30 Dynamic Kits for display

    Interested customer please feel free to contact us to get invitation letter.

    SMC Ho Chi Minh office:

    TEL: (+84)8-6281-1110 FAX: (+84) 8-6281-1120 EMAIL:

    SMC Ha Noi Office:

    TEL: (+84) 4-6281-4266 FAX: (+84) 4-6281-4281-4269 EMAIL:

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  •  Leisure August 13, 2014

    The National Language Month in PhilippinesNatiomal-Language_PH

    In Philippines, the month of August is designated as Buwan ng Wika, which is celebrated to promote the national language. Buwan ng Wika was previously called Linggo ng Wika (the week of the Philippine language). It is a month-long celebration that was extended from the week’s observance of Linggo ng Wika.

    According to history, Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Philippine Commonwealth Republic, persuade for establishing Tagalog as the Philippine’s national language. This occurred during a time when most of the educated individuals regarded English language as the mark of sophistication and intelligence. If natives only spoke tagalog, they were classified as low class citizen.

    This national celebration in Philippines is pursuant to the Presidential Decree Number 1041 (1997). There are many accounts of the importance and significance of Buwan ng Wika, but including the remembrance of the country’s struggle for freedom and the influence of its culture, helps to strengthen the pride of the people of Philippines.

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  • 製品 August 13, 2014












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  • 秘訣 August 13, 2014

    空気消費量と流量の違い  PF2A




    空気消費量:100 L/min
    空気流量: 6000L/min


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  • ニュース August 13, 2014


    Energy saving video空気圧の先導専門家として、SMCはその完璧に製品を革新続けることで技術革新に取り組んでいます。その他に、 SMCも環境を守るために戦い、弊社顧客のお金節約するのに役立っており、さまざまな省エネソリューションを開発で、環境責任に取り組んでいます。

    SMC省エネ解決法と、最新の製品技術を発見する事に興味が ありますか?





    技術展のトピック(プレゼンテーションは英語とベトナム語で行われます):                                                                                                                                             オンライン登録(ベトナム語)

    – SMC省エネのアイディア

    – SMC電動アクチュエータ

    – SMCイオナイザー、特殊·その他




    TEL: (+84) 8-6281-1110   FAX: (+84) 8-6281-1120



    TEL: (+84) 4-6281-4266   FAX: (+84) 4-6281-4269   


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  • レジャー August 13, 2014


    , 8月はBuwan ng Wikaとして指定されている、国語を促進するために祝われる。Buwan ng Wikaは以前Linggo ng Wikaと呼ばれていました(フィリピンの言語の週)。それはLinggo ng Wikaの週の遵守から延長された一カ月間の祭典である。

    Manuel L. Quezonはフィリピンの国家言語としてタガログ語を確立するための説得した。それは多くの教養のある個人が英語が 教養人、知的と示した

    10411997)に準じています。それらは、Buwan g Wika

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About SMC Corporation Middle East FZE

SMC Corporation Middle East FZE is the United Arab Emirates subsidiary of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic automation products manufacturer which was established in Japan and now has more than 50 years of experience. In 2014, SMC Corporation Middle East FZE is established affirming our leading role in pneumatics control equipment & devices as well bringing best services to customers.

While the subsidiary mainly assembles knockdown cylinders, SMC United Arab Emirates also offers a wide range of high quality advanced industrial pneumatic system technology products to meet applications in a myriad of sectors and fields of the market such as semiconductor, automotive, medical, and petrochemical, just to name a few. Products offered here range from actuators like electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and etc, to valves like solenoid valve, pneumatic valve and 2 port valve; from thermo equipment like refrigerated thermo chiller and temperature control equipment, to a variety of electrostatic removal, air dryer and process gas equipment .

Striving to maintain high standards not only in products but also in customer service, SMC United Arab Emirates is equipped with a well-stocked warehouse ensures quick delivery, as well as maintaining high levels of technical services and solid communication network to consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.