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  • Product May 9, 2014

    Product Clean Series

    Are you working in industrial clean room? If yes, you
    definitely concern about the cleanliness level of the device and equipment used.

    Clean-seriesMany of SMC’s products are available in clean room
    specifications, including air preparation equipment, linear and rotary
    actuator, air gripper, solenoid valve, speed controller, fittings and
    tubing, filter and regulator, and pressure switch.

    Our pneumatic clean series is specially designed and
    constructed to prevent particle generation. Corrosion
    resistant material such as stainless steel is used for
    clean series. The design also comes with good sealing to
    ensure the particles generated inside the components are
    securely sealed. Besides, lubricants and greases are
    specifically formulated to prevent contamination.

    Pneumatic clean series details

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  • Smart Tip May 9, 2014

    compressed-line---auto-drainFloat controlled versus Timer controlled Auto Drain Valve

    If condensate is not properly removed from the compressed air system, it can be detrimental to the downstream equipment and resulted in equipment failure and downtime. Auto drain valve can easily eliminate the condensate problems.

    Float Controlled Auto Drain Valve Timer Controlled Auto Drain Valve
    AD-new timer-auto-drain
    It incorporates a float to open the drain and discharge the condensate when the latter accumulates to a specific level. It incorporates a solenoid valve and an electric timer to discharge the condensate according to the cycle time and purge time setting.
    Does not require electricity to operate. Drainage frequency can be controlled.
    Safe to be used in hazardous environment. Relatively more compact and space saving.


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  • Service May 9, 2014

    We are able to customize your cylinder

    T1O0429LSSMC is capable of designing and manufacturing customize cylinders to meet your special requirements. Stroke, mounting style, rod end thread size, seal for different applications, heavy duty scrapper and stainless steel rod are some examples of the common customization features.

    From evaluation and proper selection to field support, you can rest assured that every cylinder is perfectly crafted and fitted for its application.

    Approach SMC now for more details.

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  • Leisure May 9, 2014

    52milferrarigto-300x168Did You Know The Most Expensive Car Ever Sold For $52 Million?

    Ferrari cars from the 1950s and 1960s have been known to fetch eye watering amounts of money. However no one would have predicted such an amount for the 1963 GTO.

    It was only in 2012 a 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO managed to fetch $32 million. Many thought this record would stand for many years to come. Yet a few months after that event, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO went on to be sold for $35 million!

    But in 2013, the sale of the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO made the sales of the previous record holders come across as bargain buys!

    Picture and info source:“Ferrari car” photo. 26 Jan. 2014. 1 May. 2014.


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  • 製品 May 9, 2014






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  • 秘訣   May 9, 2014

    フローコントロール VS タイマーコントロール オートドレインバルブ compressed-line---auto-drain

    もし凝縮物が、圧縮空気システムからきっちり除去出来ないのならば、それは 下流の設備に
    結果設備不良と作業停止時間の損害をもたらすでしょう。 オートドレインバルブは問題の凝縮物を簡単に除去する事が出来ます




    それは 浮き輪と結合されて、一定のレベルに蓄積された時 ドレインが開き凝縮物の排出します

    動作に電気が要求されない。 排水頻度をコントロールする事が出来る。
    安全に危険な環境で使用される。 相対的により小型でスペースセービング。
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  • サービス May 9, 2014



    SMCは、あなたの特別要求を満たす為カスタマイズシリンダーの製造、設計する事が出来す。 ストローク、取り付けスタイル、ロッド螺子山サイズ、シールを違うアプリケーションに、例えば ステンレススチールロッドと強力スクレーパータイプは一般的な主要カスタマイズです。



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  • 余暇 May 9, 2014



    それは2012年最高だった、1964年製フェラーリ250GTOが3200万ドルで販売されました。多くの人が この記録が長く続くと考えました。しかし、その記録の数ヵ月後、1962年製フェラーリ250GTOは 3500万ドル売却に届きました。

    しかし2013年、その販売された1963年製フェラーリ250GTO、 前販売レコードの持ち主 バーゲン価格で買主に渡しました。

    “Ferrari car” photo. 26 Jan. 2014. 1 May. 2014.


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About SMC Corporation Middle East FZE

SMC Corporation Middle East FZE is the United Arab Emirates subsidiary of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic automation products manufacturer which was established in Japan and now has more than 50 years of experience. In 2014, SMC Corporation Middle East FZE is established affirming our leading role in pneumatics control equipment & devices as well bringing best services to customers.

While the subsidiary mainly assembles knockdown cylinders, SMC United Arab Emirates also offers a wide range of high quality advanced industrial pneumatic system technology products to meet applications in a myriad of sectors and fields of the market such as semiconductor, automotive, medical, and petrochemical, just to name a few. Products offered here range from actuators like electric actuator, pneumatic actuator and etc, to valves like solenoid valve, pneumatic valve and 2 port valve; from thermo equipment like refrigerated thermo chiller and temperature control equipment, to a variety of electrostatic removal, air dryer and process gas equipment .

Striving to maintain high standards not only in products but also in customer service, SMC United Arab Emirates is equipped with a well-stocked warehouse ensures quick delivery, as well as maintaining high levels of technical services and solid communication network to consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers.